Meet the Pack

Bandit’s Biscuits are a line of healthy and delicious dog treats created by company founder Deanne.  Deanne started out simply making treats for her own dogs because she wanted to give them a healthy nutritious reward.  And she wanted to know exactly what was in them. From those humble beginnings in her own kitchen, Bandit’s Biscuits has grown to include a variety of treat flavors.

Bandit’s Biscuits are made with ingredients you might find in your own kitchen and you don’t need to be a scientist to read the ingredient list. Made without wheat, corn, soy or fillers.  All Bandit’s Biscuit treat are grain free making them an ideal option for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. They are proudly made in the USA in small batches using only the best quality all natural food grade ingredients.  Because they’re not just pets, they’re family!

Meet the PACK

  Skylar, Treat Inspector

  Brenda - Snuggler and Office Party Planner

  Katie - Loss Prevention


DEANNE, provider of treats, giver of belly rubs and ear scratcher extraordinaire